MN Pole Comps: Workshops and Performer Charisma Blue

ST. PAUL, MN, DECEMBER 11, 2017 — Local Minneapolis poler and business-owner, Charisma Blue will be performing at the MN Pole Competitions. She started poling seven years ago and it changed her perception of herself. “Pole dancing started out as a fun way to stay fit, but it became a place to feel empowered,” says Charisma. She took a break from poling to have her daughter. Eight months after giving birth, she was training for MNPC where she placed third in her division. She started teaching and when her studio was facing closure, she took the leap and bought the studio herself. Check out her performance from earlier this year:

On January 19th and 20th, as many as 200 pole dance competitors from the Midwest and other areas of the U.S. will gather at the Steppingstone Theatre in St. Paul for the Minnesota Pole Competitions. In addition to exhibitions and the competitions, Pole and Performing Art has secured some pole fitness professionals to teach workshops and seminars. Purchase tickets to the MN Pole Competitions at

Jordan Mazur from St. Louis, MS will be teaching “Conquer the Microbend.” You can see some of Jordan’s skills in this 2016 performance: Brian Wolf of Los Angeles will be teaching “King of the Heel.” See our previous press release on Brian for more information about him. You can see him work his heels in this performance at the Pacific Pole Championships:

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie

Pole and Performing Art


Flying Pinup Jamboree for Folds of Honor

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, October 19, 2017 – Join Pole and Performing Art at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis for their Flying Pinup Jamboree on November 11, 2017. The Jamboree proceeds go to Folds of Honor, an organization that provides scholarships for veterans’ spouses and children. There will be a silent auction in addition to aerial, pole, dance, and vocal performances. The doors open at 7 PM and performances start at 7:30 PM.

This is the first year for the Jamboree. Myss Angie of Pole and Performing Art says, “I’ve always been in love with the classic pinup look. I wanted to find a way to connect the performing arts to helping our veterans. This was the perfect combination!” The 1950s themed night will include a wide variety of performances including Double Jinx on trapeze, contortion by Cheryl Birch, a song by Amand Voss, Coco Naatasja on silks, a tap dance by O’Calla Joslyn, and multiple pole dances. The silent auction will feature items donated by sponsors.

Folds of Honor is a scholarship foundation intended to serve the families of fallen and disabled service members. Their motto is “Honor their sacrifice. Educate their legacy.” Proceeds from the Flying Pinup Jamboree will help fund the educational scholarships that Folds of Honor distributes to spouses and children of veterans. Hear the stories of those families at

General admission is $10, but veteran and military tickets are only $5. VIP tables are available on the main floor for four people ($100) or in the balcony for two people ($40). Purchase tickets online at

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie

Pole and Performing Art


Minnesota Pole Competitions: Brian Wolf Workshops

TWIN CITIES, MN, September 14, 2017 – The Minnesota Pole Competitions welcome Brian Wolf as a Pole Star Workshop instructor this year. Both days of the competitions will have Pole Star Workshops available in October. Brian Wolf is flying in from California to host some of these workshops. He has a varied dance background and came to pole four years ago in 2013.

Already a force, he has been a PSO Pacific Pole Champion, a National Aerial Pole Art Champion, and a nominee for Male Performance Artist of the Year (Pole World News Awards). He comes from a background that includes fire dance, jazz, funk, burlesque, hip-hop, and vogue ( Wolf was a scholarship student at The Choreography House in 2015. There he was able to devote significant time to pole and attaining his teaching certification. He is a judge, an instructor, a competitor, and a performer. Wolf is bringing his skills to the Minnesota Pole Competitions to share with you!

The Minnesota Pole Comps have something for everyone. There’s exhibitions and competitions for those who wish to perform. There’s tickets to watch the competitions and events. Whether you’re a performer or a spectator, the workshops are open to all. Sign up or reserve tickets at under the MN Pole Competitions event.

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie

Pole and Performing Art


Minnesota Pole Competitions: New Exhibition and Costume Scoring

TWIN CITIES, MN, August 17, 2017 – The Minnesota Pole Competitions strive to provide a place for all types of polers and to give credit to all the aspects of a routine. There is an Adult Exhibition category in addition to the competition categories, for adults to show their skills without the pressure of competition. Competitors will need to impress judges with all the aspects of their routine this year, including their costumes. The costume score is another way to win at the MN Pole Competitions.

Pole dancers ready to perform, but not quite ready for competition, are encouraged to participate in the Adult Exhibition. Getting accustomed to performing in front of an audience is crucial to any dancer hoping to compete in the future, but the Exhibition is for those who never intend to compete as well. It is more open than the competition categories. Dancers are responsible for determining their own level of safety and can use grip aids such as gloves and shoes. Crash mats are also permitted, but if a dancer appears to be endangering themselves, competition staff will intervene. Sign up at

Competitors should note that judging will include scoring for costumes this year. Myss Angie feels that costumes add to a routine. She says: “I wanted to emphasize the value and importance of a costume in a competition piece and award those that put effort and creativity into their costumes.” Costumes will be judged on: suitability to the theme and category, thoughtful design and construction, creativity and style, and visibility/ease of interpretation for the audience. This scoring also offers a new opportunity to win: The highest costume score in each level wins Best (Category) Costume.

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie
Pole and Performing Art

Kids: A Growing Demographic of Pole Fitness

TWIN CITIES, MN, July 19, 2017 — 
Aerial studios around the world are hosting pole classes for kids. Children take to the sport easily, with little fear and their inclination to climb trees. As with any sport, the younger the athlete begins, the higher skill level they attain. Pole and Performing Arts is excited to once again host a Youth Exhibition as a part of the MN Pole Competitions. An Exhibition entry comes with an adult all-access pass and can be purchased at

Benefits of pole include: strength, balance, flexibility, self-esteem, body awareness, stress-relief, and many more. Giving kids a place to access these benefits only makes sense. More and more studios are opening their doors to youth. From Europe to the Americas, kids’ classes are gaining ground. Kitty Kat Pole Dancing of Miami started up children’s classes just this spring. Studio Fly of Hertfordshire, U.K. has held classes for youth for over a year now. Rising Goddess in Chicago and Flight Fitness Studio also of Illinois have children’s classes. It can be hard to find pole classes for kids, but as kids climb on parents’ home poles anyway, there will only be more opportunities for them to show their skills.

Early registration for the Youth Exhibition at the MN Pole Competitions is open and costs only $35. Crash mats are required for any routines involving inversions or flips, and a guardian is required to be onstage or just off stage during the youth’s performance. There are more details under Rules & Regs on the Competitions page of The Youth Exhibition is a great way for young athletes to showcase their performance skills and prepare for future competitions.

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie
Pole and Performing Art


Minnesota Pole Competitions, Year Three: Early Registration Now Open with Two New Divisions Available

TWIN CITIES, MN, June 16, 2017 – Early registration for the MN Pole Competitions is OPEN. General registration for amateur divisions is only available to current residents of Minnesota and the midwest states. Amateur divisions will open September 1st to all U.S. pole athletes. The professional Pole Star Championship Applications are now open to all that apply. 

In this the third year of the Minnesota Pole Competitions, there will be two new divisions. The Semi-Pro division and the Showcase division have been added to the Youth Exhibition, Amateur Women’s Solo, Amateur Men’s Solo, Amateur Doubles, and Women’s Professional Solo (the MN Pole Star Championship). The MN Pole Star Championships require an application; all other categories only require registration. Spaces are limited. The competitions will take place in the Twin Cities January 19-20, 2018. Interested athletes can register/apply here:

The MN Pole Competitions draw athletes from all over the nation and of many ages. Athletes under 18 years of age can participate in the Youth Exhibition. All other divisions require competitors to be 18 years of age or older. There are different levels for the Amateur divisions: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, and Semi-Pro. The details on the limitations within the categories can be viewed at the Events Info and/or “Rules & Regs” tab on Pole and Performing Art’s MN Pole Competitions webpage (linked above). Within each level, competitors select a style category in which to compete. Athletes can describe their own style or choose one of the suggestions of Pole and Performing Art, which include Artistic Dance, Performance Theater, Pole Sport, and Pole Classic.  

The MN Pole Star Championship winner will move on to the PCS national competition. Amateur winners will move on to showcase at the Shake, Rattle, n’ Pole Show.

About Pole and Performing Art:

Pole and Performing Art is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the pole dance and performing art community. They provide opportunities and information for community education, performer development, and public performance in pole and performing arts through conventions, festivals, shows, and competitions.

To connect with Pole and Performing Art:

Myss Angie

Pole and Performing Art

Tickets for January’s Minnesota Regional and National Pole Competitions on Sale Now with a Special Black Friday Deal

November 21, 2016 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – Tickets for the region’s premier pole dance competitions, vendor fair, and workshops are on sale now on the Pole and Performing Art website. Athletes, families, and the public are welcome at this weekend event January 14 and 15, 2017.

The Minnesota Pole Competitions, Vendor Fair, and Pole Star Workshops will be held at the Maplewood Community Center and Performing Arts Theater. Purchase a weekend, mid-day, late-night, or Sunday-only ticket online HERE.  For special Black Friday pricing, purchase tickets on November 25th, 2016.

This multi-day event features regional and national events; The MN Regional Pole Competitions and The MN Pole Star Championship on January 14. The vendor fair, Free Seminars, and Pole Star Workshops run January 14 and 15. The vendor fair and workshops open at 8:30 am on January 14. Workshops wrap up at 1:30pm, while the vendor fair remains open until 11 pm. The Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions begin at 2 pm with the Youth Exhibition, then Novice thru Elite Division competitions, and wrap up around 10 pm with the national Pro Division competition and awards. These events are open to the public.

The keynote seminar, “Take it to the Stage!” on January 14 features Iowa-based pole, lyra, and silks professional performer and competition athlete, Amber Cahill. Her 11am lecture will discuss the development process and training tips to teach participants how to make the competition and performance process more successful and enjoyable. Cahill has competed professionally across the nation and is the owner of TGR Fitness gyms in Des Moines and Ankeny. Learn more about Amber Cahill on the Pole and Performing Art website HERE

Workshops and the vendor fair continue January 15. The public and aspiring athletes can get hands-on training on a variety of skills, including floor, spinning, and flipping. Programming on January 15 runs from 8:30 am to 8:45 pm.

To purchase tickets and learn more about the Minnesota Pole Competitions, visit the Pole and Performing Art, LLC website at or contact owner Angie Lofquist 651-347-0412 or

Pole and Performing Art is a local promotions, events, and entertainment company that organizes aerial, performing art, and circus shows, competitions, festivals, and dance conventions in the Twin Cities community. Signature events include the Minnesota Pole Competitions, Twin Cities Performing Art Convention & Festival, and the Shake, Rattle n’ Pole Variety Show. For more information, contact Angie Lofquist of Pole and Performing Art, LLC @ 651-347-0412 or

Press Release September 1, 2016

On Jan. 14 sports history will be made in Minnesota as winners of the first Minnesota Pole Star Championships (MNPSC) – part of the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions – qualify for the Pole Championship Series at the Arnold Classic sports festival and competition event held in Columbus Ohio Mar. 3-5. Only 12 competitors will be accepted to the MPSC.

The Arnold Classic – owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger, world-renowned athlete – is a prestigious event launched in 1989 by Schwarzenegger himself. The Pole Championship Series was created within the last four years to recognize pole sport as a legitimate and respected form of tremendous athleticism.

The Minnesota Pole Star Championships begin after 6 p.m. Tickets are $30. Visit to purchase tickets and for more information.

The Arnold Sports Festival is the largest multi-sport event in the nation and the greatest sports-fitness experience of your life! The Festival welcomes more than 18,000 athletes annually who compete in more than 50 sports & events, including 14 Olympic sports. More than 175,000 fitness enthusiasts attend the Arnold Sports Festival each year to experience thrilling moments of sports competition and fitness entertainment. Attendees enjoy the regular sightings of sport personalities, film stars, and the Weekend’s namesake Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Press Release Feb 22, 2016

Empower yourself with the performing arts!

The Twin Cities is bringing all of the arts under one roof! This is your chance to try out something that's been on your bucket list. April 2, 2016 join us at Muse Event Center for the festival of the year.

See the descriptions and links to FREE seminars such as Contortion Control and unique workshops such as Breakdancing and Hip Hop Culture HERE

There you can choose if you want a single class, double or get the awesome discounts when you by the Flex tickets! Flex tickets allow you to choose any three traveling performance star workshops for only $150 and/or three local professional workshops for only $50.

Press Release Feb 14, 2016

Experience the Performing Arts in Minneapolis this April

MINNEAPOLIS – On Apr. 2 local and national performers will gather at Muse Event Center for the Twin Cities Performing Art Convention, a performing art spectacular of circus and aerial arts. This event begins at 3 p.m. on Saturday and will be family-friendly until about 7:30 p.m.

It will include Shake, Rattle, and Pole Star, a variety show, as well as a vendor fair, experts from area performing art studios, fashion runway shows by local designers, workshops, free seminars by Physical Therapist Dr. Misty Austin and Registered Dietitian, Donna Clearman. After 7:30p, there will be a 5 local designer runway shows as well as adult-oriented vendors, in addition to drink special offers. Sunday will feature additional workshops.

Vendors will include Twin Cities Trapeze Center, Envy Skin Clinic, Performance Art Athletics, Venus Unveiled, and more. Unique workshops will be taught by House of Dance (all ages hip-hop, breakdance), Kailen Nelson (cyr wheel), Heidi Coker (pole dance), Morghan Gerhard (partner acro) and more. General admission is $20 advance, $25 at the door.

For tickets and more information, visit

​Star Tribune

Friday, ​January 15, 2016

​by Jeff Strickler 


Snickers aside, fitness fans are climbing on the pole-dancing phenomenon. 

Stefany Gravley’s father was aghast when she announced that she was taking up pole dancing.

“Can’t you still be a nurse?” she recalls him pleading. “I said, ‘Not as a career, Dad. As exercise.’ ”

The Bloomington resident, who had been a gymnast in high school, was hopping on one of the latest — and hottest — fitness trends.

The mere mention of the term pole dancing still draws more than its share of snickers from the uninitiated who associate it with strip clubs, G-strings and dirty old men in dirty old trench coats. But it has become one of the fastest-growing exercise regimens among women — and, yes, some men — who are drawn to the way it merges a reliance on balance and coordination with a strenuous upper-body workout.

“I was huffing and puffing up there,” said Gravley, who had just wrapped up a routine. Although it had lasted only three minutes, it seemed like a lot longer to her. “It’s not easy when you’re spending the whole time pulling yourself up with your arms.” the full article HERE

Quad Community Press

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


by Sara Moore

MAPLEWOOD — Minnesota pole dance history was made this weekend — and Jolene Frid of Lino Lakes was part of it.

The state's first Minnesota Regional Pole Dance Competitions were held at the Maplewood Performing Arts Theater Jan. 8-9. Frid was among the 60 competitors from Minnesota and surrounding states. Not only was it the state's first pole dance competitions, but it was Frid's as well. She competed classic style in the novice category.  

Performers could choose from dance styles such as classic, performance theater, pole sport and artistic dance. Levels of competition included novice, intermediate, advanced and elite. Women's, men's and doubles categories had winners in each level.

In 2013 Frid saw a video of pole dancer Jenyne Butterfly. “My jaw was on the floor when I saw the video,” she said. “I would love to do that. It was the first thing I saw besides dancing that I was driven at all costs to do.” full article HERE

Pioneer Press

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


by Richard Chin

Here are a couple of things you needed to do to avoid a deduction in points if you were competing in the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions on Saturday: Don’t land on your head. And no nudity or costume malfunctions, please.

In other words, this wasn’t your grandmother’s pole dancing experience. 

First of all, for the top participants, the competition was a intense gymnastic endeavor, in which competitors frequently were dangling and spinning upside down while doing the splits, 10 feet above the floor, holding onto a metal pole thanks mainly to skin friction and hours of core workouts. ...full article 

City Pages

​Tuesday, January 12, 2016


by Colin Michael Simmons

Amateurs, experts, women, men, and partner teams came to the Maplewood Performing Arts Theater for the regional pole contest this past weekend. Don't picture college kids dancing for dollars. These people are serious athletes, and the upper-division contestants can go from a full split to climbing 10 feet in the air at a moment's notice. City Pages got special access to the event, with performers inviting our photographer backstage to see them limber up and prepare in the nervous moments before taking the stage, and the pole, before a capacity crowd. All photos by Colin Michael Simmons. gallery and more HERE

City Pages 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


by Sheila Regan

For Jenna Melby, Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” video changed the course of her life. She had recently graduated from college, but didn’t have much of an exercise plan. Her boyfriend worked out every morning, and she wanted to have some kind of fitness regimen, too. That’s when she saw the Rihanna video, which featured several acrobatic pole dancers. 

“I signed up for a class three days later,” she says

...more on the website HERE 


Jan 5 2016

Get ready for an amazing MNRPC weekend!

We are only a few days away from making history here in Minnesota. The excitement is brewing and I want to make sure you don't miss a thing since there is so much to experience!

A quick overview of what to expect:

9am Pole Star Workshops open, see the full schedule and possibly get in last minute tickets HERE

Not in a workshop? Join us at 9am for Welcome! Refreshments and light snacks, then the FREE Seminars begin at 10am (full schedule HERE)

2:00pm-3:00pm The free food bar will be served. It will have fresh greens & veggies, and include marinated and barbecued meat, eggs, and vegan options.

While you get well fed, be sure to peruse the vendor tables and get ready to WIN prizes, as every attendee, volunteer, and competitor is entered into the drawing for door prizes. Everything from $100 clinical skin treatments, Visa gift cards, to local pole studio classes are all on the list of giveaways.

Wining prizes isn't the only thing that will make you cheer...

3:00pm-8:00pm the competitions will run approximately from Novice to Elite with pole star and local performances to end each category.

8:00m-10:00pm get your dancing shoes on! DJ Seven of Butch Dandy is spinning track favorites for our celebration afterparty!

*light snacks and refreshments will also be available all day.

Thank you for participating in this event! We expect around 300 people to come together from across the region and we will have a few reporters from the press covering the story.

Please share the message about bringing the pole community into the light and out of the negative stigma it once had. We love our sport and art form, and we love YOU!

Looking forward to seeing you soon. You can connect with others on the MN Poler Info Facebook group HERE

Any more questions or comments please email or call: 
"Myss Angie" Lofquist 

Jan 5, 2016

This weekend, Jan. 8 and 9, history will be made at the Maplewood Performing Arts Theater as Pole and Performing Art presents the first Minnesota Regional Pole Dance Competitions. This ground breaking event will feature competitors from Minnesota and surrounding states in a variety of levels and categories, including Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, Women’s, Men’s, Doubles, and genres like Classic, Performance Theater, Pole Sport, and Artistic Dance.

This event was developed to bring together the general public and pole dance community, and to educate those curious about this sport and performing art form with the intention to help eradicate the negative stigma that has been associated with pole dance for so many people.

All-Access Pass attendees of the event will not only be able to attend the competitions but will receive catered food free of additional charge, be eligible for door prizes valued over $100, and have access to seminars as well.

Judges of the event will include prominent pole performers David C. Owen and Karol Helms, who will be teaching specialty workshops over the weekend also.

The Competitions will be covered by the Quad Community Press, the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and other local news media. Expected attendance is at least 300 people, and it is possible that television news will be covering it as well. For more information and tickets, visit

Dec 14, 2015

More reasons to love MNRPC!

The *Free Seminars for the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions weekend have been added to the schedule! Take a look at the amazing opportunities:

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

▪ 9:00a-10:00a ~ Welcome! Coffee, tea, and connecting with friends
▪ 10:00a-10:55a ~ Contortion Control: Stretching the Limits with Dr. Misty Rose Austin
▪ 11:00a-11:55a ~ Legal & Identity Protection: for your family and business with Christina Littlejohn
▪ 12:00p-12:55p ~Showgirl Tips for Pole Artists with Tawnya "Sweetpea" Konobeck
▪ 1:00p-1:55p ~Nutrition for Performance and Purposeful Living 
with Donna Clearman, MS, RD

Please reserve your space in the workshops HERE (reservation is not required, but we are hoping to get an approximate number count so the instructors know if they are printing guides or bringing snacks, etc)

*Seminars are free to All Access Pass ticket holders. You can purchase yours and find more information on the events HERE

We are excited to bring the community this opportunity to share, connect, and learn from one another. We would like to make Minnesota rock and sell more admission and workshop reservations.

Please share the event with your friends, families, and neighbors so we can continue to offer this event every year. They will not want to miss this!

The FB event page is HERE

Pole and Performing Art Webpage

UPDATE: This just in! Competitors can pre-purchase their video and photo packages from Rich Ryan Fitness Photography

Thank you for being a part of the pole community. Looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota on January 9-10, 2016!

Dec 1, 2015

Male and doubles performers to be accepted at the Minnesota Regional Pole Dance Competition.


On Jan. 9, 2016 the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions will bring hundreds of supporters and up to 60 competitors to the Maplewood Performing Arts Theater.

This normally female-dominated sport has appreciated a rise of interest by many men and group acts. Pole and Performing Art has made the Minnesota Regional Dance Competitions accessible for three divisions: Men, Women, and Doubles.

The same division and category rules apply to Men’s and Women’s, while the Doubles category streamlines the judging process for those desiring to perform together. The MRPDC welcomes all three categories.

More information here: 
Pole and Performing Art
Pole Star Workshops
Facebook Event Page

Nov 23, 2015

The Minnesota Regional Pole Dance Competitions allow participation of a broad range of experience levels.

On Jan. 9, 2016 the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions will bring hundreds of supporters and up to 60 competitors to the Maplewood Performing Arts Center.

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite levels will allow a variety of competitors to showcase their skills.

The lineup of performances promises to be an entertaining display as each pole dancer exhibits their own unique dance and abilities ranging from sport gymnastics to contemporary art styles.

Many competitors train from 4 to 20 hours per week at local pole dance & fitness studios to choreograph and develop routines.

Black Friday is the best day to get your admission tickets.

All Access Passes are only $30 (thats a 50% savings).

Enter the code: PPABLACK on Friday, November 27th.

Shake, Rattle, and Pole


Event Off Sale: Tickets no longer available
A Fundraiser Spectacular for the MN Pole & Performing Arts 
SHAKE, RATTLE & POLE! Pole & Performing Arts Variety Show
Fri 04/10/2015
9:00 pm


This event is 21 and overFacebook
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SHAKE, RATTLE & POLE! Pole & Performing Arts Variety Show

Links[SHAKE, RATTLE & POLE! Pole & Performing Arts Variety Show]
Prepare for an evening of jaw-dropping performances with an array of athletic and professional talents - including pole dance, belly dance, burlesque, hip-hop dance, aerial silks, acro-yoga, and acoustic song and music.  

Bring your good luck charms and dollar bills and get your RAFFLE TICKETS! Prizes will be given away throughout the show. Plus you'll find other irresistible items in our vending area from local pole studios and other fabulous sponsors.  

This first talent spectacular will be one of two fundraisers for The Minnesota Pole & Performing Arts Expo set for April of 2016. The proceeds for the event go to paying the performers and covering the show’s operation costs as well as to offset production costs for our second Expo FUNdraiser: The Minnesota Pole Competition & Performance showcase event in November 2015.

City Pages Monday April 6, 2015


In 2016, Minnesota will be hosting a pole and performing arts expo. But before that happens, local talents will be teaming up to raise funds for the event. This Friday, Shake, Rattle and Pole! at the Triple Rock will feature pole dancing, belly dancing, burlesque, aerial arts, live music, and more. Performers include Cirque du Pôle, Sweetpea, Amanda Voss, and the Vigilantease Collective...... more here

Pole and Performing Art 

Elevating pole dance to new platforms


WELCOME! We love to share our events and would like a heads up if you intend to be there. 

A limited number of Press Tickets are available, please contact Myss Angie  for more information

Abbey Freundschuh Photo courtesy of Alloy Images; Pole Sport Organization, Central Pole Championships 2015