Pole and Performing Art 

Current and Past Sponsors:

Twin Cities Performing Art Festival  


We are striving to connect the general public and our performing art communities together. Sharing and celebrating our art to make us stronger. Empowering women, men, and children through the arts. 

An weekend festival, vendor fair, and spectacular of pole dance, aerial, circus and performing arts, local studios, local businesses, the Twin Cities, and MORE! 


  • Details for the 2019 event COMING SOON!

Minnesota Pole Competitions
A pole dance competition that includes all levels and a professional division

A family-friendly event that hopes to expose and expel the negative myths about the art of pole dancing. It can be sexy, but it can also be athletic, artistic, funny, and expressive in so many ways. We provide an event that allows the appreciation of all forms of pole dancing and expression of dance. 

  • January 19-20, 2018
  • TBD MN

Shake, Rattle, n' Pole Variety Show 

An inspiring and jaw-dropping athletic and artistic variety show that provides talented local artists a stage to celebrate their craft. This event helps to fund the Minnesota Regional Pole Competitions and the Twin Cities Performing Art Convention. 

  • Catch the next event at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis, MN
  • April 15, 2016

Email myssangie@poleandperformingart.com to register


We love our SPONSORS!!!!

PPA events are fueled through local business' and community support. 

Become a sponsor and help support the community! We create long-lasting and memorable connections with the public. 

> email myssangie@poleandperformingart.com to register for an upcoming event or click on each event details in the menu bar to find links for sponsors for active events. 

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