Pole and Performing Art 

Elevating pole dance to new platforms



We need your help! We couldn't do it without our AMAZING volunteers. Sign up today to become a part of something really great!

>>>We have positions such as front registration, pole cleaners, judges, and many more! <<<

Looking forward to working with you...


A 4-8 hour shift gets you into events at discount OR free!!

>Once you have registered, you will receive a follow up email and you can tell us a little about you and how you are interested in helping. We will then assign you your position.

>>There are a list of some of the activities we need help with:

Set up/Take Down Crew

  • We need physically healthy individuals for unloading gear, set up, and to take down after

Front Door Monitors

  • Welcome guests and guide them to the registration desks


Front Desk/Registration 

  • Check-in guests, competitiors, and volunteers. Coat and baggage check.

Workshop Check-in

  • Check in students for Pole Star Workshops on Saturday and Sunday

Door Check/Wristband Monitor 

  • Check appropriate wristband as guests enter.

Back Stage Monitor 

  • Helps to organize the lineup of performers, and rotation of pole cleaners and stage hands.

Backstage Monitor Assistant 

  • Helps the Stage Monitor keep order of lineup and other tasks.
  • Communicates with production team when perfmorer is ready

Pole Cleaner and Stage Hand

  • Climbs poles and uses two towel wipe technique to clean poles. (Technique will be reviewed before shift)
  • Sets up props if applicable, cleans up stage as performer leaves. 
  • Picks up props, clothes, etc, and sweeps.

** These two positions will be rotated between four volunteers so one set is either cleaning stage or climbing poles and then rotated**

Judge Assistant 

  • Ensures judges receive correct forms
  • Collects forms from and calculates scores, double checked by each assistant
  • Defines winner based on scores, compiles winners' order in each category
  • Helps communicate with production team when judges are ready

Judge Manager 

  • Ensures Judging is going as scheduled
  • Makes sure judges receive an overview of the rules and any other training necessary
  • ​Answers and troubleshoots questions and problems if arise
  • Ensures all forms needed are ready
  • Double checks work of assistants

Pole Competition Judge 

  • Qualified and trained pole fitness professionals required. 
  • Will receive training for judging event specifics prior to the event.
  • Receives access to private lounge balcony and catering.


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